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2006-03-25 - 9:54 p.m.

It's the end of an era for me this week. I sold my bicycle. My pretty little "ferrari" of a racing bike. It's been hanging in the garage ever since we moved here, and in truth since 2002. Better I should sell it to some one who will appreciate it and get good use of it than let it deteriorate slowly from non-use. I got $900. for it, a steal since I paid $3000. and put a lot more into it.

2006 is going to have many "End of eras" for me, I think. I got back my Fiero after fixing the brakes then deciding to just take it in and let someone else do the rest. $250. is all this time, and I think I found a trustworthy competant shop. Maybe I'll sell that thing after a few more months and buy a newer car. I've given 7 years or so to fiero ownership and I'm starting to think a newer car would be great. I might even buy a Luxery type vehical for a change.

I did more stuff to the motorcycle this week including have it tuned on a chassis dynamometer. Now its been exactly tuned up for the maximum performance with the present engine. It went from 93 horsepower (at the rear wheel) to 104 HP. The torque, which is most important for this type of bike, went from approximately 106 ft lbs. to 132 ft lbs. In other words it screams now. I actually opened it full throttle in 5th today and went from 70 mph to 115 mph almost instantly! I just have one more thing on order and one more to buy and I'm done for awhile. The long awaited motorcycle pic. It's a bit dirty, but I'm too lazy to wash and wax it.

Right! Just like I had decided to put all my bad habits on hold for 6 months, take a break so to speak, When boom, out of nowhere an almost instinctive yen to take up another bad habit popped into my mind. Enough of that! You don't need to know everything!

So how big should a $600. wedding cake be? By my reckoning it should be about 8 feet tall and weigh 250 lbs, but alas its a mere 3 layers tall. I think the cook must be gold plating the bride and groom figures.

Curiouoso* dreaming of 3 foot tall real life bride and groom figures played by real life midgets standing on the third layer of an 8 foot tall wedding cake!


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