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2009-07-25 - 11:56 p.m.

Today was a good day. The Rat and I cleaned out the cabinets so we could actually find out what we had to eat....and when all was said and done there was alot. We worked all day cleaning, I even polished the motorcycle and put it in the back yard near the pool.

A friend came over and I took many pictures of her for her business. In the Pool, supine on the motorcycle, in the hot tub, all over the house, and even using all the exercise equiptment. If she doesn't get health oriented clients after that, nobody can.

Even my other friend called me with explanations about why she hasn't called. I was a bit tough on her explaining that no communication is no friendship, so let's not let that happen again.

Sure as shit, she promised to call late in the evening ,but didn't. Now she promised to call tomorrow morning. Will she????

Yesterday my fucking bank put my brokerage withdrawel check on hold for a week. I'm so sick of those Assholes impounding my money... It's my fucking money they can call and verify, but no, Let's fuck up Tom again, he's going downhill fast anyway!

Tonight I saw another old series, Ryan and I have watched 7 episodes now. It was depressing in a way....The best intensions suceeded in one way but failed to save the protagonist anyway.

It made me feel like a middle aged failure, something that isn't true in many ways, but seems too true, career wise, economically, in terms of providing for my family, and most of all in life, true to my nature but modified for love. 29 years, and how long more can I make it last if Amy doesn't come back here soon?

Curiouoso* has no answers, but appreciates those who often left him notes or messages. I'll miss you all.


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