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2008-01-03 - 3:16 p.m.

Amy did NOT have a very good day today.

She called me this morning at work and was upset her car wouldn't start. The nieghbor came over and jumped started it, so she drove it to Saturn to have it checked out.

Remember this about tires? Well it applies to car batteries in Arizona too. Amy had them check everything,and sure enough the Battery was dead. Yep, the battery we just bought from them was stone dead. Oh, I'm sorry, that was 19 months ago....and of course thier batteries are warranted; for 18 months! WTF! The tires have never been warrantied, the first battery went out at 37,000 miles but the car was warranted only for 36,000 miles, one of the engine controller chips (that maintain the low smog output) went out at 65,000 miles, but unfortunately they don't consider that part of the smog system, which is warrantied for 100,000 miles! The brakes wear out regularly, both the pads and the rotors but they are "wear out" items, so fuck me, I guess.

They put in a new battery and after paying (no warranty, right) Amy drove to work 2 hours late.

Remember I wrote this, last Sunday?

"We also went to visit Amy's cousin in Fallbrook. She was suddenly diagnosed with a very fast spreading cancer. It moves into another area every TWO days. I'm afraid she might not have too long left."

"Not too long" turned out to be a few minutes after Amy got to work this morning. Another call came in from my really distraught wife then.

When she gets home tonight, I think she's going to be treated really nice. She deserves better than the day she had today.

Curiouoso* hoping this is not a preview of 2008.


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