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2005-11-12 - 10:01 p.m.

World Champion Factory trained Blogger!

Yep, every syllable is true! Just like every car dealorship in the US advertises, I'm Factory trained. Yep we have the only claimed factory trained bloggers in the world! How can that be true? When I was 18 I was trained in a Kohler furniture factory to make Right arms on couches. Yep, I'm a right arm specialist. Don't ask me about left arms or "Springer" work, cause I wasn't trained in the esoteric world of making spring seats, but I'm a hell of a good right arm maker!

Therefore I'm "Factory trained" and a blogger. Thus a "factory trained" blogger. Think about it, It's true. We don't believe in false advertising here!

Now about the Worlds champion part,,,,, I trained in Tae Kwon Do under a 5 time Worlds champion expert.

Little do you know, I won the Avondale Arizona World Champion Blogger title. You never heard of it? Too bad. I sponsered it myself, and it wasn't very well known, but with limited entries, one actually, I won thje world champion blogger title!

OK, I have to confess, I don't use near as much profanity in real life as I do here. Shocked? so was I that such an admission was made.

Also, I must admit that Curiouso* lives a much more staid lifestyle than you might think. I don't "fool around regularly, and love Amy more than it might appear.

I'm also considering dropping the virtual F**k list as no one seems very interested except Zencelt and she is too staid to ask to be included. I.E. no interest thus no F. List.

Even miss six has never given an approval or disapproval of hers. For all I know she's pissed that it wasn't more explicit or unhappy that the bar figured so prominently. I just tried to tailor the fantasy to what little I surmised about her. Sorry that I must of failed miserably.

False advertising aside, it's time for Curiouso* to call it a night. P.S. Regular readers know I would never kick my dog!


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