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2007-10-06 - 4:16 p.m.

I stayed drugged to the max thursday to try to rest my ankle. I literally slept from 3:30 when I usually get up to 2:00PM. Since I went to bed at 9PM the night before, that was a solid 17 hours. I felt much better Friday and work went smoothly. I'm pretty lucky as my boss and the people I support just want me to get better and haven't complained at all. I do make sure that they are covered just in case, but I also make sure everything is running perfect so they won't need me anyway. That fact plus a lot of communication makes it a very nice working environment.

I've taken the boot off today and last night so my foot can get plenty of air. It's color has gooton better and matches the right side now. My foot and ankle are still very swollen and will stay swollen for as long as a year! I've very gingerly taken a few steps without the boot, but That's not a great idea. Any wrong step or bending the ankle could start me back at zero again. It's been 6 weeks now and I really want the healing to continue at a fast pace.

Here is some fun animal facts:

The beaver is North America's largest rodent. Beavers mate for life, but if one mate dies, the other one will find another mate.

The beaver as a RODENT takes a little fun out of the idea that beavers are cool. Since they mate for life I guess the male beaver is not a Rat!

According to Rebecca Fischer of Prairie Dog Rescue of New England, prairie dogs and people don't mix. She says most prairie dogs kept as pets don't remain with their original "owner"; they are given away, killed, or if they're lucky, turned over to a prairie dog rescue. Fischer says most prairie dogs bite, which leads to problems with their "owners."

Whenever possible, we believe that prairie dogs should be rehabilitated and released to the wild.

Too bad, Prarie dogs are cute. At least they aren't rats! Prarie dogs are squirrels! I think it's funny that they need to be rehabilitated after coming into contact with people. I can see it now, The prarie dog 12 step program! Hi, my name is pdog, and I'm a recovering people pet! I hit bottom when I actually bit the hand that fed me......

Curiouoso* thinks prarie dogs are the "Bees Knees" and the "Cat's whiskers"!


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