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2008-01-15 - 4:34 p.m.

I'm back just like a bad penny.

About my trip,

We'll be going to the west coast, Kinvara, county Galway. I think We'll head out to see some of Amy's friends who live isolated in Connamara, where they speak Gaelic as a primary language. We went once before to a pub with them and everyone spoke Gaelic all night. Native speakers aren't very common anymore, only I think in Connamara and maybe Ackel Island and the Aran Islands.

This will be a great time, as our two kids and Nick will be there too. Nick mused that this will be the first time in his two trips over that it will be a joyous occasion (a wedding) instead of someone dying in a hospital. I know he's going to have a great time!

I always try to get away in one part of Ireland or another every trip, so depending on the weather I might try to go north and see the Megalithic tombs in depth. I'm a real sucker for prehistoric stuff, and I haven't been North in quite a few years.

It's too bad most of you live far away from anywhere I'll be, cause I'd really like to try and meet more D-landers this year. I'm working on meeting one special person now, so who knows? I need to go try my "Assholery" at six's parents bar someday, and sometimes reading "justjones" I want to take Rosie out there to L.A. for some training (except she's allready the perfect little doggie) just to help Kim out(and I want to see her tattoos in person). Actually since we took Rosie to California for Christmas, we probably drove right near Kim and her family's house as we were all over the Greater L.A. area. Too bad we weren't thinking!

Wow, I'm so excited about the upcoming Superbowl near our house, NOT! You can't get tickets unless you pay an arm, leg and most of your ass too. I saw them between $2850.00 to !! $132,500.00 !! For us peons, we can be a part of the "Superbowl experience" by volunteering to WORK in the parking lot or cleaning up after the game! "Volunteering?" Fuck No! That's for soup kitchens or helping build houses for the less well off, NOT for helping rich bastards see a football game. Of course you can always say you were part of the Super bowl by paying through the Nose to go to a party in the parking lot a few weeks before the game! You know I don't think that's a good way to waste my time. Maybe I'll just stay home and watch it on TV, or not. Just don't try to convince me how lucky I am to enjoy having the super bowl here. It's hard enough to get into a decent restaurant on the weekend as it is, and who needs the traffic? Rant over....

My "Free" ticket cost 75,000 FFlyer miles....@ $1 per mile on my credit card, it took since the year 2000 to save that many. OH well.

Curiouoso* will probably lose another bunch of readers after all this bitchin!


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