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2005-02-24 - 5:29 a.m.

I'm about all safety-ed out. Yesterday was a "critter" safety meeting. 2 hours of which bug can seriously bite you. Who knew there were that many types of scorpions in Arizona? I thought Coral snakes lived in Florida, but no, they are all around here near the river, hanging out with thier cousins, all 6 varieties of rattle snake. Not to mention our buddy the Gila Monster, who when he decides to taste you, doesn't let go. The only way to get him to let you go is to politely offer him a cigarette, or fry his belly with a lighter. One more reason to take up that odious habit smoking?

Then my housemate,on his first attempt to drive in the mine, got asked a jillion questions about paperwork we never heard of, resulting in a 1 hour safety meeting on mine hazards, a frantic search for non-existant MSHA paperwork ect. I never got asked for any of that in 5 weeks of driving there.

If you happen across my elusive yellow "Contractors safety and financial fiscal responsibily vehicle" form, send it to me by email!

You'll have as much success as me finding that one. And I'm trying so hard to do things thru the proper channels!

Work beckons, today is a short 10 hour schedule. I want to take a "safety Course" in proper sleeping methods, right about now!

ZZZ ZZZZ, Curiouoso*


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