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2008-11-12 - 3:28 p.m.

Lots to discuss now that I haven't updated in forever time. I bought a new car last weekend. The Toyota Corolla has about the best gas milage for that size car, and saving gas money and a low payment for cash flow, were the two ideas behind that. So far I really like it, even though it's the basic, basic model.

Rat Ryan finally started work this week, and he seems to really like it.

We have a lot of charity stuff going on at work and the bakery goods and homemade lunch things are my favorite. Today was burrito breakfast, so I bought the Rat a couple "breakfast" ones and I had a chile colorado and a green chile one. They were both real big, but I saved one for lunch. I went light on the beans (I have to live with them all day) and just had a few potatoes and mild salsa, I thought! The Chile colorado was excellant with lots of meat, but that sauce, tasty as it was, was hot, REAL HOT. I should have drenched it in hot salsa to cool it off! It must have been chile Habanero sauce! You had to have welding goggles and a steel mask to just look at it!

This has been quite the week for disaster around here. First two contractors working on a project up in Northern AZ, were murdered, supposedly by one fellow's 8 year old son...What a tragedy. Now the D.A. is trying to try him as an adult! Give us all a break, Please!

Then we had an unfortunate accident where a lineman got electricuted on the job by 12,000 volts. The safety programs here are great....everyone understands that lives can be endangered easily if safety procedures and common sense don't prevail. This is the first electrical fatality at the company since 1985! Many people are pretty somber knowing thier co-worker died. I'm sure even more emphasis on safety and procedures will result.

Curiouoso* has to get back to work now....He's hoping the smoke coming out his ears won't set off the fire alarms!

Later that very day...My ass is still burning from that red stuff and my pee smells like burning chili peppers!


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