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2008-07-08 - 6:09 p.m.

Alrighty there, I just got back from the gym, beat as hell and working towards being real sore.

Today I decided to go for the larger number I kidded about leg pressing, a few weeks ago. I went over to the machine and loaded it uo with 600lbs, them did 10 reps (leg presses again). That seemed OK, so I uppped it to 650lbs. and did another 10 reps. That was actually harder than it seemed cause I was winded and tired after that, and I had just arrived at the gym.

Anyway, another personal best, so I'm thinking of going for 750 lbs. in a couple more weeks!

I did a few more lifts on other stuff then did some cardio, damn little cardio to be sure. I 'm in awe of some of the others here, Boxx9000 has been doing the treadmill for over a year for over an hour a day, and lost 50, yep 50 lbs.! Marn is a gym fanatic and I'm sure much stronger than me. Truth be I'm no spring chicken, and while they might be, I believe if they claimed that, they might set new Guiness records for spring chicken longevity. It really gives you something to strive for, hearing thier stories!

Amy and I spent the weekend in Bisbee, which was pretty fun and a bit cooler than here. Maybe we'll go to Prescott next weekend, see my brother and just relax. Now don't you wish you were going?

Curiouoso* has to go fight with a laptop, so infected with spyware that it won't even run half the time. I'm going to bring out the big guns for this bad boy, it's really pissed me off. If it was up to me, I'd shitcan the whole thing and have the girl buy a new one! Of course being a student she doesn't have much money and needs her pictures; she's a part time model, so it's back to the grind.

If I were president, instead of sending special forces to sneak around in Iran and Iraq, I'd send some to Nigeria to off a bunch of fucking 419 scammers. Basically the whole upper class and thier lackeys. Then we'd trace a bunch of spyware writers and fry thier asses too. The only good spyware spreader is a hideously tortured dead bastard. I'm against the whole torture thing, but in this case, if we slowly cut off all thier fingers they couldn't write more spyware, could they? I'll leave the virus writers and trojan dudes till next time, maybe they'll get nervous knowing how close I am to being PRESIDENT!

Curiouoso* so good when he's being so bad!


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