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2007-07-25 - 8:45 p.m.

What happened to my clustrmaps??? It used to look like this:

Look on the left of my page to see what it looks like now....

Oh well, it looks like I have some regular readers here and there. I'm not sure sure what anyone in Africa, Indonesia, or the Middle east would get from my Diary, but I hope you like it. Finding out about other people and cultures is the first step to understanding and becoming friends.

I'm not sure a lot of my musings are very typical, nor that what satire I employ is understood as such, and lastly that you could consider me much of an American representitive, but hopefully the internet and all it's peculiarities will eventually help disparate people come together.

Rule #1. All the looking and seeing other cultures doesn't mean SHIT if you are inclined to JUDGE others by some arbitrary standards you choose for yourself! DON"T HATE! Try to accept others for their differences as well as their simularities to you! How boring it would be if we were all the same! (Note to self: One more reason not have homeowners associations that try to force everyone in their own concept of normality. I.E. Desert pastel colors, only certain plants that don't look like "weeds", Ward Cleaver neatness, and God forbid, anything taller than your fence. Hey under those rules you can see my son (at 6'7") over the fence when he is in the back yard, so does he have to move out???)

Don't get me started!
I'm a peaceful sort of guy you know!

Born to be Wild....
Bad to the bone....
After Midnite, We're going to let it all hang out.....

Anyone want to meet in Las Vegas for Bikefest the last weekend in September? I'm riding the Beast there, so here's your big chance for a ride and some fun! I'm riding with a guy from work on his Bobber, a couple of his friends, and hopefully a Guy I know from Mayo. Remember what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas, so lets rip it up together!

Curiouoso* practicing saying very soberly, "The Devil made me do it!"

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, in advance!


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