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2008-10-01 - 5:59 p.m.

I thought I'd beter update or I may never again.

I'm glad you appreciated that last one Vixxen, but I'm out of the advice business now! I seem to butt in a bit too much sometimes! Besides, you are level headed enough to know what you need to do, Right? You keep up that hectic lovelife and I'll be paying Voo-doo priests my whole paycheck to keep your guys in line!!


Well, It seems I've been feeling a bit scrappy at work the last couple of weeks. My old boss emailed our tech downstairs that shares the company van with me, and told him to take it to the lab and leave it cause we didn't use it enough. When he called me to tell me, I told him to forward me the email and I'd stir some shit up! I answered the email by demanding to know exactly how I was supposed to do my job without the van. I also said, "Just because you guys have 3 vans between 5 people and you can't keep the keys straight, you can't just take ours."

He emailed me back that we could use it anytime we wanted, just come and get it, to which I replied, "How the hell are we supposed to come get, Walk the 2 miles? Or are you going to come fetch me every time?

Then we had meetings in another building and both myself and my buddy declined the meeting request because of lack of transportation! Well you can imagine what hit the fan. My boss said he'd pay me milage if I used my own car and told me the procedure. I tried to follow that, sending a request to the big shot in our department.

He refused my request, because we obviously didn't need a vehical because it was taken away!

I started cooling off about then, since in reality I can take a number of the Bluestake trucks if I really need to. That lasted till I got off work and went out to my car.

I don't know about you all, but many people pick a spot in thier employees parking lot and always park there. You know, it's sort of "yours." I get there almost first of anyone each day and I've been parking in the same exact spot all the way at the end of the parking lot every day for 18 months!

So I went out to my car, only to find some unknown person had sprayed "My" spot with "Reserved for #3" and next to it, "reserved for #4"! I was pissed! It turns out the General manager or some other head honcho came to visit our building that day and couldn't find a parking spot close enough for him. So even though he only goes there maybe once a month, they gave him "My Spot", and the one next to it to another absentee big shot!

OK, I'm over it now, but why didn't they give them one right in front of the door? The bullshit we get upset about, huh?

Two nights later I went to the Homeowners association meeting where they were trying to get us to vote for higher dues. Right Assholes! My goal in life is to give you jerks more money!

I wrote a very professional letter urging homeowners to vote NO and handed them out to everyone that came. The homeowner association owner was flipped out, he didn't expect any organized opposition to his vote. I gave him one of the papers and he started confronting me and telling me it was all lies... I said I didn't want to dicuss it with him that's why I wrote it down, but he persisted and was pretty abusive. I stood up and started getting red and shaking slightly. That's a pretty good indication I'm about to start physically kicking Ass right there and then. I told Amy I was going outside for a breath of air and a drink of water, and she replied that was probably a good thing. When I returned he said something else to me and I got right in his face saying, " Your a fucking Asshole! I told you I didn't want to discuss it! Now discuss at your own risk or Shut the fuck up! I know you are an Asshole cause I'm an Asshole so it takes one to know one, so I know it! He got away from me for the rest of the night!

Those of you who have met me probably could see I can be intimidating when I want to, though I really try not to get like that anymore. I REALLY HATE THOSE DAMN HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS!

See, I'm getting pissed just relating this story.

No big loss I didn't update for awhile!

Any has an official start date of January 20th in California. It doesn't seem to matter to her that if I go I'll have to dump the house, ruin our credit and I'll probably be unemployed for months since the job market there isn't that good. I guess she'll be there and I'll be here, but I don't think that's going to fly for long!

Mr Nicaraugua and significant other, Amy & I are going to California in 3 weeks to meet my brothers, Mom, and Arturo, as well as assorted nieces and nephews, and Mel & Nick at Lake Tahoe in the cabin. That should be pretty fun, it's just going to be a no plans kick back weekend. I wish I was floating in the lake right now!



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