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2005-11-19 - 5:31 p.m.

Thanks to for you only for going out of her way to make me a couple banners that will really pull in the readers. She did that for me when she didn't even know me! Read her site!

The six foot diamondback rattlesnake has been hanging around my office again. We keep chasing it away, but he must like the sun there and no one is willing to try to catch him.

I worked in the Hospital clinic today which being closed was dark on all 5 floors. It's kind of "scary" there when no one is around. I surprised a couple of women in thier offices who
didn't hear me coming but suddenly turned around and saw me. I think they almost peed in thier pants.

I also worked in a remote "hidden" area that most people don't know about. I was installing some software in the hallway when I heard some noise coming from around a corner in the dark hallway. I guess I surprised some more people when they realized they weren't alone, because there was a flurry of activity then a man and a woman, somewhat disheveled looking, and seemingly embarassed, came around the corner. Why were they embarrased? Maybe they had been "bare assed" thinking they were alone.

Think about it, what better place than work, when no one is there, to fool around? Comfortable beds, the danger/excitement, and neither of your spouses can catch you!

I've got to go now. I worked 10 hours with no lunch and I'm hungry and tired. (and jealous that no beautiful women are making moves on me in empty hospital rooms!)

Sayonara, Curiouoso*


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