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2008-07-22 - 5:59 p.m.

I just lost an hours worth of entry. I too pissed to recreate right now, so here's a very abbrieviated summay:

1. I have doctors proof I lost weight last month. I also went down in Blood Pressure.

2. That Fucking Asshole lawyer raiseed my blood pressure back up today. If he was close I'd be paying him a personal social call. It wouldn't be the first time I popped one of those Assholes in the chops!

Like the time my dog came running out of the house (He loved to escape then play games). This guy was walking in front of the house and freaked out. He Yelled, "YOUR DOG JUST TRIED TO ATTACK ME, I'M A LAWYER AND I'M GOING TO SUE YOU AND GET THAT VICIOUS BEAST PUT DOWN!"

I got right in his face and said, "Why are you afraid of the Dog? You should be very afraid right now! See this? (fist in face) Sue this Mother Fucker!"

Exit stage left, one very flipped out lawyer!

4. Whoops I forgot 3. I found out a famous Mafia Hitman lived near here, now in Florence, AZ. His family including a 40 yr old daughter and her cousin, still do so I found thier myspace page and asked to be thier "friend".

3. Live an exciting life I always say. Once a Sicilian guy tried to buy a bunch of computers from me on commercial credit. That was nixed by the company, but he did get a $300.00 car stereo. When he never paid , I went to ask him for the money and he had a bunch of "workman"/goons throw me off the property. They said Mr. XX doesn't want to see you again. I got pissed, snuck back in the next evening and put a brick through the front windshield of his Aston Martin DB6. I bet that cost more than $300. bucks even way back then!

5. Curiouosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back, 9 lives is the only feline thing about Curiouoso*, He's a dog type of guy!

Woof, Woof! going to go Bark at some pretty woman like MPeacock or my favorite, Nici!

Maybe lovely Justjones could train me? Whoops, I don't even know her....Bad Curiouoso*, Bad doggie you mutt.


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