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2005-04-23 - 7:41 p.m.

Saturday morning and up comes that question, "What are we going to do today?" Then the suggestion, "we could take a ride."

"On the Motorcycle?"

"No in the car. Maybe to Sedona." Said in a that's where I want to go, voice.

"OK," said I, even though it was 10AM and that's probably a 2 hour drive. "But will we have enough time? I really want to see the "Power Vortexes" but I don't want to pay for a guided tour so we have to look it up on the net." I really want to say How about spending all next weekend there, to give me a chance to prepare, but I know Amy will think I just don't want to go.

So we go.

We get out at 11:15 and arrive at 1:30. Both being famished we eat in Sedona. Overpricedfood, not to bad a lunch, $30.00.

Then we go see a chapel on a red rock. Nice view, but far too many people there. A Japanese tourist with a fat camera has asked someone to take his picture, not just any picture but an "Exactly right here like this, I mean HERE is better, but no, Here, and squat down when you take it" picture. Quite a particular guy I guess, OK, but Amy was just about to take my picture when all that "framing" started, and everytime I moved he ended up in between us, oblivious. I finally stage wispered, "Oh Fuck it, anyway" and stood in front of him, not for a picture just to fuck with him, then left.

We then drove around for a while and finally went to two winerys nearby and tasted everything they had. Bought more wine $30.00 X 2 then proceeded to drive home. $30.00 in gas now, so a total of $120.00 just to drive 4 hours, eat lunch and drink wine. We did that the last time a sudden day trip was proposed, driving 5 hours and spending $70.00 just to have lunch.

Well it was fun to go to the wineries and taste, we both miss that about California.

Next time we will prepare, leave early, visit the Honoki and Paltki Cliff dwellings, the BEaver Creek petroglyphs, all the Power Vortexes and maybe climb a rock too. Amy mentioned the "factory stores" nearby and the Curio shops, both of which make me shudder. Shopping? No Way Jose! Go by yourself next time if that's your goal!

I've been mentioning going on an adventure which has totally alienated Amy on that idea. Camping? Hiking? Rafting down a river?
She instantly equated that with the comedy "Without a Paddle", and basically said the same thing I said about shopping!

Actually, the premise of that movie, finding D.B.Cooper's money, was an adventure I had planned for my German friend a few years ago. I wanted to trace D.B.'s route by chartering a plan to drop us in approximately the same place as D.B. did, where we could parachute down and hike out. Unfortunately things never came together and I don't think it can be done now because of Mt. St. Helens etc.

Anyway if you're into a hike and camp out I'll plan the adventure! If nothing else, we can drink lots of good wine.

Accepting applications, Mr. Curiouoso* awaits with bated breath!

P.S. What does bated actually mean?

Ans. To lessen the force or intensity of; moderate: “To his dying day he bated his breath a little when he told the story” (George Eliot).
To take away; subtract.

P.P.S. Thank you for the Notes. You are all the best! L.Latina "don't you love me anymore?"
Zencelt, Don't forget anything important!
Zappafl. Elephant girl...You're so full of it! You are a fine looking lass. Or as my Irish father-in-law used to say, "She's a fiyne gurl, a fiyne gurl!"
SixW. I never thought I'd enjoy a weaselly woman who spends her life hanging out in a dive bar, but I do, thanks.
JB Don't you have some philosophical words of wisdom for us?
Square, JB should make you team member!

Enough is Enough!


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