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2008-02-20 - 8:38 p.m.

I waited too long and have too much to tell. This last weekend was full of drama queens, drug addicted excons, failed schemes, not enough sleep.

First, the Rat Ryan's girl friend's brothers went off the deep end and threatened to "dome" him. I think that's some wannabe gang banger slang to shoot in the head.

I went ballastic when I heard, and insisted he move back in with us so there wasn't a probability they would actually try to carry out that threat by waiting near her place.

Then I called the one brother I've met, and blasted everything about him from his sudden lack of respect for me, my family, and common decency as well as insulting his manhood,(I said he needed to act tough because he was too pretty in the pen and was everyone's bitch...probably true), his lack of intelligence, and the size of his dick, as well as his failure to be any kind of self respecting person. He wanted to meet and discuss it, and I said yes, but not till I went home and got my .357 in case I didn't like what he had to say. (Fictional weapon right now, but easily attainable if neccessary, in the untraceable model)

He freaked out and called the Rat back and was pussying out of what he claimed was his also excon brother's words.

I don't believe in starting trouble, but I'll damn well finish it before it starts if unaviodable. U NO, the best defense is a good offense...or in my opinion, a final and permanant offense/solution.

Things seem to have calmed down now, the tweakers having reconsidered thier options, make threats and come to a bad end or just go away.

You might recall the last time something like this happened, I got innudated with fully automatic assault rifles by "friends" and luckily, not taking them up on thier kind offers, helped me aviod a really nasty time with the ATF, that the "friends" had.

A few years before that, I was asked what ever happened to the Sawed off shotgun I was given, to which I could only answer "Davy Jones Locker" right near the reason I got it. Actually since that place has major currents and is well over 1000 feet deep, it could be half way to Japan now.

All my schemes fell short this weekend, but I think I did find a rider for long motorcycle rides. I'm just not sure she's worth it yet. Long story for future posts. Hey, Curiouoso* is outta here for bed, and don't believe everything you read, Right?


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