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2008-06-28 - 4:14 p.m.

Feeling: Frustrated at lack of ability to hit the keys anymore.

Love Life: Poor to non-existant

Writing ability: Little or none of interest

******** Generally I have a life.

Occaisionally When I'm bored or otherwise feeling withdrawn I'll feel like I don't have a life.

You can tell easily enough by how many times I'm going to the library and how many books are checked out and/or overdue. Actually the overdue part shows my indolent side creeping up.

If you have to look it up, I prefer relatively benign to slothful....I've counted my toes in the past and I have more than three!

I used to believe I could go to our local library and wander, & any random shelf I ended up at would have at least one book on it that I'd read. certainly that was almost true by section, but now I don't wander so much thru the library. It's much easier to wander the web, and failing to find what interests me at the moment, then go to the library.

This week was interesting as something unexpected happened.

I got a call from Mom. Not the usual family news or complaints about Drunk-ass Pablo, but something else. She asked for advice, not about life insurance policies or the price of rice in Hong Kong, but on her love life (or lack thereof)!

Dad's been gone nearly two years, and in truth even longer with the Alzheimers. Through the years they kept in touch with her graduation class of 1948, in Puyallup, WA., going to picnics and reunions. One couple that they often saw was a man who had dated Mom in 1947 and was well liked by the family, and his wife who was sick and passed away a few years ago. He called her a few days ago and asked her if she would like to go on a trip with him to Disneyland, San Diego, The Grand Canyon, Kingman AZ., and a few more places. Apparently he wants to nsatisfy his wanderlust that's been building for awhile. She called me to find out how I would feel if she came to Phoenix with a strange man. I told her he probably wasn't all that strange and "What the Hell" she's an Adult and can do as she wishes. Dad is beyond caring and certainly wouldn't begrudge her a life!

None the less, She was rather flipped out about the whole thing and didn't know what to do. I said it might be in order, to take a weekend trip with him and see if they get on well with each other first, after all 1947 was a fair way back.

Amy said she thought it was just a platonic friendship thing, but Mom had said she was lonely to me and missed the comfort of just holding someone in her arms at night. Platonic maybe, but sounds like friends with benifits to me!

Her friend also said he'd been stationed in Japan after the war and always wanted to go back. She seemed interested in that concept, but was really wondering how this guy had held a candle for her all these years. I thought perhaps he just considered they both might be lonely and got along all those years so why not try.

Anyway, I'm the last to ask about those things cause I'm often willing for anything like that, and would never be negative towards trying something that might bring two people happiness.

If I lose just 12 more pounds I'll be lighter than I've been since may 2004.

20 pounds would probably put me back to 1998 or earlier! Hooray for me, I'm getting there slowly but surely. It's only been 3 weeks and I'm down 14 or 15 so far.

I'm really curious to find out what my cholesterol figues are. I believe the doctor might not give me that you should be dead look / spiel again this time. After all I'm sure lots of people have had total chol. of 800+ and "Too high to measure".

Curiouoso* needs some "real" as opposed to ersatz excitement around here soon.....cause the table won't hold any more library books and my eyes are quickly fading from too much reading!


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