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2008-08-04 - 8:53 p.m.

Entry 2 for the day;

I figured I probably wouldn't make 6 hours, but it good to have goals, right? I made 3 hours and probably will be half dead tomorrow - that's a far sight better than all dead!

The sig. other came in after about an hour, her usual time for the gym, and was being on her best behavior, but (Hey I'm sometimes a rotton guy) I didn't think last nights tiff was over yet cause the reason I got mad hasn't been addressed yet. So I gave her the cold shoulder and said She needed to listen not talk for a change. While doing the treadmill I'm not too able to carry on a conversation anyway, so she went off in a snit.


She just came in and said "what are you hiding on the computer?"

"I'm not hiding anything, it's just my diary."

"Well obviously you don't want me to read it!"

"Yep, You can't read it. It's MY diary and I wouldn't ask to see yours! I've never let you read it, and the few times I read excerpts to you, you weren't interested anyway!"

Sig. other leaves in a huff!

This is getting old. She'll come round soon then we can both apologize for stupid crap, and MOM will be on her way home!

Good night, Curiouoso*


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