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2006-05-02 - 8:30 p.m.

Lot's of good news. For one, I don't have an uneven bumpy skull. Nor do I have any dents in my head that look like I got hit upside the head with a crowbar. Strangely, very few people have said anything about my lack of hair. I got a few doubletakes from people who recognize me, then they seem to just swallow thier questions and push on bravely like there hasn't been any changes at all. Maybe I'm so egotistical I can't believe people don't notice or wonder why; or maybe in the hospital, They think I've got brain cancer or something! I don't know, but I've used the excuses that I did it in sympathy and solidarity for all the younger than 30 mostly bald guys in our department, That an old friend described a new and completely bald boyfriend as wonderful, because when she sees him, he reminds her of a six foot tall penis just waiting for her!(and what could be bad about that?), and that Amy says I look mean like this, so I'm more likely to get my way in a disagreement. Tonight at the weight loss class, I said I cut it because I knew I hadn't lost any weight last week so I tried to make it up by cutting off all my hair. (It didn't make any difference on the scale at all!)

We sold the house for almost what we asked for which is a great deal for us as it comes out to $178.00 a square foot when an identical house without the pool and yard or some other features hasn't sold yet, while on the market 45 days longer and being offered at $157.92 a square foot. Some in the neighborhood are much larger and selling for even less, because all the out of state investers are dumping them.

Now I don't need to stress about the wedding money, just about where we will live after May 31st! What will we do with all the Irish relatives? They will be here in mass June 15th!

Curiouoso* has a big tent and he's not afraid to use it!


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