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2008-05-20 - 6:26 p.m.

So what can Curiouoso* complain about today? Hasn't he sort of covered the whole gauntlet lately?

I tripped and did something to my ankle Saturday. It's probably just sprained, but it might be broken again. Then again it only hurts when I'm supposed to go to the gym or do work so maybe it's psychosomatic(?). Spelled like that it sort of sounds like someone who only goes postal while they are sleeping. More likely it means women who just have to talk to you or argue only when it's 3 in the morning and you've said repeatedly, "I'm tired and I have to get up in 2 hours!"

They say,"But we just HAVE to strighten this out tonight!"

And so many men just want to say, "Honey, you're a good lay and all that, but please just go away!"

In my old age the song goes,

"A little less talk
If you please
A lot more loving sleeping
Is what I need
Lets get on down
To the main attraction
With a little less talk
And a lot more action snoring"

The beast has reared it's ugly head again. Yep, came right out of hibernation where it's been for 2 years on the side of the house. Until Sunday, it resided right in front of the house leaking oil and green radio-active pus. (OK so I made that up) It was a victim of the phantom window smasher 2 weeks ago, so it looked like a 1976 Dodge Ramcharger Junkyard special. Having the top off and both doors kicked in didn't help much. Let's just figure what the beast has cost the rat and I. He bought it for $3500. 7 years ago. The real wheel fell off rounding a corner one day, so we got a rearend for $200. and $150 for someone to put it in. Then the motor went south. Actually that's just a figure of speech cause it wouldn't go anywhere, lets say $950.00 and $50.00 for someone to deliver it 150 miles away. The headlights didn't work after that because someone forgot to hook them up, just like the smog, which cost an extra hundred to get the paperwork falsified to register it. I drove it to Arizona san's headlights, but it ran OK till I went 125 miles and the exhaust got real loud. $750. for a complete new dual exhaust system and 4 new tires $400. and I was on the way again, at least till I got tired of driving 50 mph and getting run off the road in Nevada, so I decided to "run myself off the road" and explore the desert for a much needed break. Silly me, I thought 4 wheel drive goes anywhere, anytime. I guess soft sand can be an exception. Luckily I had packed a shovel, why I don't know, but I dug the beast out and headed off to some casinos. I sort of wish I hadn't dug it out so quick with the gambling tab I rang up. Back to money, the starter or something went out which made starting it a matter of running a few wires here and there and shorting them out ($0) That was good because some Asshole tried to steal it but only broke the ignition and steering lock. Neener, neener, neener! A month later the transmission up and quit,or down and out which was why it was leaking green pus all over the street $300. to someone who said they knew how to fix it but never got it out of the truck, so a second try with someone else cost another $400. When they put it back together they couldn't get the oil pan back on but had a reccomendation for someone. He said "Why the Hell did that woman try to take off the oil pan?" Which is exactly what I said. $150 in parts now awaiting installation. The transmission guys said the rear end was bad and would need to be looked at, and they right, since the whole thing fell off as the Rat was being towed over to the oil pan guy. A little disconcerting to have your axel pop out as you are going down the street. $95.00 to tow it and an estimate of $200. labor to fix everything plus a junk yard special rearend $????. So that "Beast" is now a $8,145.00 piece of dented up crap with a smashed front window and only one seat. But the dual exhaust is like new and so are the 4 tires with only 2500 miles on them. Any takers??? Such a deal at a mere $9,000! a little add for aggro of course.

Won't someoneplease reccomend the Beast to "pimp my ride" or something?

Curiouoso* is going to hobble out now for dinner. Don't forget to put your check in the mail, F.O.B. Arizona!


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