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2006-03-27 - 8:34 p.m.

A six year old walks into the kitchen where his Mom is preparing a meal; "Mom, the last few nights I have woke up to this thumping noise coming out of your and daddy's room and when I look to see what it is, you are sitting on top of dad and bouncing up and down. Why do you do that?"

The startled mother quickly recovers and says, "Your dad is a little overweight and I am trying to get him back to normal size. I bounce on him to get all the air out of him."

The little kid just shakes his head and says "Mom you're wasting your time."

The mother says, "Why is that dear?"

The kid says, "Because, once a week, that nice looking lady next door comes over and blows daddy right back up."

I got everything done this weekend that I had on my agenda. Even I was amazed. Amy even let herself be persuaded to go for a short motorcycle ride.

My dad collapsed the other day and went for a 10 day stay in the hospital. Now he can't walk and is incontinent, but getting better every day. When you are in your late 70's and in bed for a week or so, your muscles deteriorate so fast. He is beginning to use a walker and is starting to make sense again, he knows who we are anyway and even sang Amy, Happy Birthday, yesterday. (She's always been his favorite).

I'm trying to figure out how to put any left over issues away with him before he passes away. I haven't wanted to bring it up in the past because we have a real good relationship and for me they no longer matter. What's buried so long can stay there, but I'd like him to know that it's all far past now. I haven't wanted Mom to get involved because she'd have to defend him (and herself) which would somewhat poisen our relationship. She feels bad enough that I was born a bastard, even though as I pointed out, I could care less and if I hadn't been, I wouldn't be here today.

I'm thinking the next time I see him it might go a bit like this: "You know Dad, There's been times in the past that I'm sure I wasn't exactly a joy to you, or probably even a bit of a disappointment. I'd like to say I'm sorry for that and I hope that you feel that things worked out pretty well in the end. You know that if there were any issues between us because of the drinking (he was an active alcoholic for years) or whatever, that I've long since gone past them, just so you know, You've always been my dad and I'm glad for it. Does that work for you?"

Maybe then I'll be totally at peace with forgiveness and there won't be any rehashing out of long dead feelings.

Hey, Happy Birthday Zencelt, Your next year is on it's way to being wonderful I'm sure!

I think I missed some other recent birthdays and I'll apoligize now, for I'll surely forget the next few too...I'll be there in spirit with a fat Mescal Margarita though.

I'm really missing all the locked diarys on my favorites....and all those who thought they were going to greener diary pastures only to disappear from there too.

I just paid all the bills and I have money left over....What should I buy for the Motorcycle now? New "Flame" handlebar grips or a sissybar for Amy if she promises to ride more? I think I should give that "Detailor" girl $60. to make my bike look new. God I hate to polish!

Curiouoso* thinking about the 3" round burn on his right calf from riding in shorts and leaning the bike on his leg (trust me, a very quick lean!) now it looks like a cross between raw sausage and a burnt marshmallow.


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