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2006-01-13 - 10:14 p.m.

I have to say I've been feeling my mortality lately.

I mean, seeing Midnite get older and move slower,makes me think how much I show my age. In "real life" I don't feel old... but my "silver" hair belies my age. I take comfort in the fact I have hair, over the fact it might turn grey someday.

Midnite, THe Minority Dog, is 14. As I see him age and get some what decrepit, I can only think how much I have aged. Even in "Dog Years" I'm now 98 years older than when he first came along. I don't feel 54, my actual age, in anything but experiance, where I feel 100 for sure, though it doesn't matter as I've learned from most every experiance.

Still, seeing Midnite age, makes me think about Mortality and how I'd like to pass on the things I've learned in my "Fuck you, I'll figure it out for myself life". Actually, I owe many people kudos for trying to show me the way thru life, As I am/was very hardheaded. For what it's worth, I've met more people who only want to help others thru life than those who could give a shit or intentionally try to "fuck" you.

Not to be morbid, I don't feel like I'm fixing to die. I just am beginning to feel I must pass on life lessons I've figured out, prior to my leaving you all.

What does it all mean???

Who knows!!

I will say though if someone swears it's true....Think multiple times prior to accepting this for gospel truth! If they say it can't be, figure out why....they may be purposely misleading you. I'd almost swear that "Can't possibly be correct", is more likely than "Gospel" Truth!

Enough for now.... Be sure to ask Curiouoso* about the new motorcycle mods! He really wants to tell you!


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