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2005-03-30 - 5:59 p.m.

Ok my entry fron 3/26 intimated the pope was on life support. Now the news is that he really is! Call me psychic or what? Now we find out Jerry Falwell is on his last legs.... Fuck that lying Bastard! I hate those holyier than thou hypocrits! When he's in the ground worms will eat that bastard just as quick as you and I! If there is an afterlife, his will be hot and muggy for sure. Roast ya lying fucker, roast!

I had all kinds of clever work repartee, but it vanished as soon as the entry window opened up. So I'll just tell you what bored techs do in thier last week. Everyday, multiple times I go thru security at the mine. Those people must go nuts asking repeatedly "where are you going".

This week I decided to have some fun. Not all the security guards are brain surgeons. When leaving and heading back to MIS, I often answer "Back to the ranch" for my destination. A new guard said really? I didn't know P. D. had a ranch near here. I answered "yep, strangely enough they raise ostriches on it!"

She dutifly wrote down "back to the ranch for destination", but that wasn't the best. The best was this morning when I spied "tire shop" on the destination form, but misread Tree shop". Not having any trees within 5 miles in any direction cleared that up. So I answered, "lANDSCAPING SHOP"' for destination and the woman wrote down "Landscaping!"

I was tempted to say Gardners shack, but that might have been too ludicrous.

I've said that damn office before, to get a response, "Which damn office?"

"you know the one with those darn chinese musicians! Tai and the Lings"!


"The Dam tailings office!"

"oh Yeah, they do rockabilly music, right?"

OFF to Curiouoso's* office to play the bowran with Tai and the big Lings, Bye


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