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2008-03-17 - 2:05 p.m.

Hello from a brain dead Curiouoso. Yep it's been that sort of trip. I thought I was practicing at the pub for a few days before the wedding,but It didn't help a bit.

it really was a nice wedding. Both families went all out. There was about 350 people. Everyone came to a large hotel for the open bar. 2 hours of an Irish open bar and we are talking train wrecks in progress before dinner.

I made it thru dinner but not much farther. (At least mentally) My body carried on without sentenient thinking until 4 or so. Mel, Nick and the rat went to breakfast at 7am then to bed at 9am. Last night there was another dinner at the Pierhead in Kinvara. I managed to make that forsaking all alcohol. The Rat was out till 7AM with many an adventure. Mel, Nick and Amy turned into pumpkins about 3am.

That's 3 closed pubs, 2 weddings and a dinner celebration in 6 days.

Tomorrow it's Dublin and north. Pray 4 my brain.



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