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2004-10-30 - 4:30 p.m.

I'm back from the wedding with an uneventful flight home (except the metal detector found the metal rod in my leg again....but we won't go there again, twice in 2 entries).

My 2 "new" nieces were very nice and we all had a good visit. My brother Ron was the same as usual, real helpful, generous to the point of renting a car and paying for our hotel suite. Ron has helped his nieces out financially also now that he has worked steady for a couple years. The groom, Casey, is a great guy who is really into having a great family life with Shawna. His parents are also really fine people who really like Shawna and the kids. Now if only my other brother, Shawna's father Richard, had shown up the wedding would have been perfect. Unfortunately he has become involved with a rip-off "Christian" cult in Texas called "house of Yahweh".

"There have been a series of largely unconfirmed allegations about:

extreme psychological control over the membership of the Abilene group,
the assembly of weapons by the leaders,
"Four men tied to the militant, anti-government Posse Comitatus of Wisconsin are elders or guards in the House of Yahweh." 4
polygyny within the group
the belief that the House of Yahweh will play a major role in the War of Armageddon."

Actually that web quote is pretty mild. Richard, who is mentally unstable, isn't allowed to take his medication. He works full time whenever the group "contracts" him out. Of course the group recieves his wages and keeps it all. They also take his Social Security as well as any property members might have. Nice people Huh????

Please remember to vote tuesday. I am. Bye the way if any of the so called unofficial Poll watchers asks me any questions or interfers with my voting I'm going to KICK ASS, right then and there. No one has the right to harass a registered voter and as far as I can read, they don't have any legal right to question any voter. I'm not expecting any of that in Arizona, and not being a minority probably wouldn't be stopped any way, but you saw it here first. I think I need some excitement right now anyway, and kicking the crap out of some rightwing redneck should certainly relieve some pre-election stress!

I read somewhere on the net that there are more than 1 way to vote: 1. One person one Vote, 2. Vote with your feet, I.E. leave 3. *** One politician one bullet ***

Will it come to that one day?

That's one way to remove incumbents, Curiouoso*


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