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2008-11-24 - 8:14 p.m.

I'm a little disappointed that only 2 of you asked for an answer. Maybe you thought the questions were too weird? Right. I got a survey then rewrote most of them with the first thoughts that came into my mind. Some were supposed to be entertaining, some to provoke thought, but mostly just parody on surveys.

I guess my expectation of interaction just shows how egotistical I can be. (If I gave a quiz (party), they'd want to come) or perhaps thats switched around party (quiz).

Ok, for those who want to know:

16. Do you want to live until you're 101 yrs old? (complete details and explain why??? You ask so much!)

Hey, why not? Soon enough they'll be able to manufacture new body parts out of stem cells or some such, and God knows I need a few of those!

Perhaps a few billion new brain cells so I can remember why I lost the first billion! A new ankle, knee, nose, and while we are at it I'll trade in my pecker for a "John Holmes" model.

With this newly young body I'd be in shape to see and participate in the society of 2052 and either revel in the good changes or get back on the front lines of change to help create a new way.

Of course, I can satisfy my curiosity about how things "turn out in the end". You know those trends we either like or detest of today, and exactly what the world will be like then. Perhaps I'll need to live until 151 to give the world enough time to show me the big picture.

Maybe I'll be "raptured up" (or down) by then and it'll be a moot point. Most likely I'll just be standing around, looking bewildered, and reading all the notes left behind, "Dear Curiouoso*, I knew you'd never make it so I left you my complete collection of Black Sabbath albums and a full refrigerator of ice water, cause you'll surely need it!"

36. Have you ever had a birthday party for your pet? (Are there people who really do that???)

Yes there are! It's a good idea for a party, especially for the little ones. I think we might have had a party for a turtle when I was a little nipper, and a party for a rabbit with our kids. I think it's about time to have one for Rosie, even though we don't know her birthday, but think how cute she'd look with her party hat on! Guests can bring their dogs, and while they are in the back yard fratenizing with each other, the adults can be in the house tasting fine wine or whatever your poisen doing the same.
No party hats for me though!

Think about it, Some of us are a bit long in the tooth for "Urban Cowboy" parties, "Toga Parties", (brought to you by "Artimus minimus", a short guy, and "Riccus Baccus", a guy who likes his wine and other Bachinalian stuff), and last but not least, the Marin County "Midsummer Get Naked and jump in the pool party."

And no offense, but I'll be damned if I'm going to have a "celebrate your Metrosexualness party", no matter how "in" that might be!

So during that long "celebration party dry" Feburary, Have a Doggie Birthday party!

BTW: Whose great and wonderful idea was it to plaster I-10 and loop 101 with speed cameras every 2 miles? Think of the ugly pre/post commute that will make as people slam on thier brakes every 2 miles thus causing wild speed fluctuations and accidents on the freeways. Furthermore, why should I support private companies through my driving? Whatever happened to "confronting your accuser?"

Have a idea how to take those bastards out? I'm right behind you! Nobody asked me if I wanted speed cameras everywhere!

Curiouoso* says "Go get a job Assholes, quit trying to find ways for the rest of us to support your lazy Ass!"


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