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2007-09-19 - 2:51 p.m.

BWFU. I usually don't BWFU but today's an exception. Actually, I'm not BWFU yet, I'm A_waiting F_ucked U_pedness. (AFU).

I had a doctors appt. today, but instead of giving me a removable "Splint Boot", He put on a new fibergalass cast. 6 more weeks till I can lie in the pool and soak my tired and dirty body. The doctor wasn't pleased that I was putting some weight on my ankle, so he made sure it was immovable. I had the staples taken out and admired my future 6" long scar. Just one more of the many to add more character to my body.

Remember a few weeks ago I complained about the pest control company's business practices? Well I don't take it back....In fact, I'm adding incompetancy to the list. After my phone complaints and faxing them a letter with my feelings, you'd think they would take me off thier customer list. But no, I got a postcard in the mail telling me of my next appt! Amy called and explained we weren't doing that anymore and the appt. was cancelled. She is much nicer than me, so was polite about it. Yesterday we got a phone message that the scheduler had called and apologized for not having a replacement appointment for us, and would we please call and schedule one ASAP to aviod interruption of service!???? Can you say "Brain Dead"?

6 more weeks of asking to be waited on hand and foot.... I feel guilty about it although no one has complained. IF I am perfectly healthy I have no problems saying "Can you please get me "Whatever" on your next trip over here." But now that it's neccessary, I feel bad about asking....Go figure!

Yes, I took a couple of those pain pills and decided to back them up with a big glass of red wine. I'm actually beginning to get that Blogging while F.U. feeling now. That was quick.

Curiouoso* off to a solid and sound nap.


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