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2005-06-26 - 6:25 p.m.

Hey all,

On thursday we'll be driving to Cali for an engagement party. Yep, Mel & Nick are going to formally announce they are getting married next Sept. It should be fun, we are looking forward to seeing many of our friends. It's also Ryan's 21st birthday, so He's going out to legally get blitzed at a bar with Nick and some of his friends.

It'll be another long drive there and back for the weekend but will be worth it.

I wish I had time to stop in SoCal to try to find my older brother, take Ryan to meet my Tae Kwon Do instructor in Studio City and maybe visit people. Next time I'm going to do that, including meeting the lonelylatina if she's willing, and calling on my X-wife.(If I don't chicken out!)

Amy made her final plans with her cousin for Ireland today. I'm jealous, I really want to go.



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