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2006-07-04 - 4:16 p.m.

I just lost 30 minutes of writing about the party's aftermath and how we are back to "normal". I can't do it again right now.

Mel and Nick just got back from Hawaii, the spelling of which caused me to lose the entry.... They got over $5,000. in spending money for thier gifts, as well as boucoup gifts.

I'm over worrying about the wedding costs, it came to slightly less than $20,000, but with the vacation part approached $25K.

Stay tuned for my new website, "How to retire on $5.00 a day and a Cardboard Box!"

I'll have some great tips on "Cardboard Condos", Why Sears refrigerator boxes are not the best box money can buy and why Sub Zero Pro 48 fridge boxes are the best status cardboard home you can get! Think of it, 56 cubic feet of living space in 1 deluxe heavy duty box!

Curiouoso* dreaming of his retirement home!


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