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2007-01-31 - 3:10 p.m.

Weds 1/31

OK, I decided to just run away and get away from all stress causing things. No more dog problems every thirty minutes....No more phone calls from ex-coworkers....No worrying about getting another job. I was offered chances for 1 near where I was, One for slightly less in Tempe as a 3 Year contract, and one for slightly more midway between. I'm not at all stressed over being unemployed , I have at least 3 good recruiters I trust working on this for when I get back.

I'm leaving Friday for L.A. and will be there from 3 p.m. till the next morning right next to the airport.
Hint, Hint, Anyone in that area care to meet? (Just Jones, Kim & Hubby), (Lonely Latina,), (Bohnertime, Jess), or anyone else who's read me, email me for my phone number and lets meet.

I'm going to Chicago then on to Ireland, Shannon. I'll be in the west of Ireland, Galway, for a couple weeks.

Maybe I'll never come back!

Anyway I'm lonely for Amy, so come on out and cheer me up in L.A.



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