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2007-04-01 - 5:37 p.m.

Happy Sunday or Monday, whatever,

An open letter to Circuit City:

Dear CEO & Board Members:

I recently read this headline,

"Circuit City to Cut More Than 3,500 Store and IT Jobs, Cut Wages "

Good move! You are letting go your higher paid sales staff in favor of hiring new workers at a lower rate.

I read this as getting rid of your most reliable and knowledgeable people in favor of new and mostly lower class (read unable to get and hold a real job) workers, who won't know crap about anything or even what you carry.

I went into another new store, one of your competitors, and asked where their USB Bluetooth adapters were. Because that store was new, and had all new people, the clerk just looked at me like I had asked for a stereo cartridge. (Record players and turntables, now that's a whole different can of worms we won't go into!)

He said "I don't think we carry those," obviously ignorant about what we were talking about.

That's what is happening to all your old "seasoned" sales staffs, they are turning to imbeciles as we speak!

I went into your local store and asked about "Stereo Patch cords." The new clerk looked blank, so I got more specific, "y adapter cables to hook up a computer to an amplifier, stereo mini plug to phono plugs." He said to look by the car speakers. There were speaker wires there, but not what I asked for. I perused the whole store till I found a gondola of misc. cables, where upon another sales clerk came up and asked if he could help. I explained what I wanted, and after looking around blankly said he was sure there were none there. I looked a bit longer and found exactly what I was looking for right where he had been looking.

Remind me not to ask for help in your stores again.

I have been a loyal customer over the years. I purchased a 42" Wide-Plasma Display, back when they were $4,000., lots of computer stuff including a couple laptops, and even a satellite pc dish system when they first came out. I've purchased a couple car stereo units and had them installed as well.

So maybe it's time to retire the old Circuit City credit card and bite the bullet by driving to Fry's electronics, where you don't expect intelligent clerks and the service and return policies stink, but at least you can find anything there without tripping over sales clerks who are unable to help you anyway.

Maybe you can find some illegal aliens to work cheaper, or outsource your sales force to a bunch of H1B Bangledeshis!

Thanks for helping turn the American worker into poverty stricken peons!

Not Yours Anymore, Curiouoso*


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