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2006-05-29 - 7:46 p.m.

Alright, I owe my readers, few as they are now, a big apology. It's always Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

Life is good why don't I write about that more? My buddy Arturo is visiting to buy Adrianne a car. We are drinking wine, discussing the wedding and generally reliving past good times.

Last night we went to the casino, supposedly to write a check for $2500. to pay for this car. Instead adrianne and I played slot machines since she's turned 21 a while ago, and won over $100.

Then today Arturo and I cut loose from the women and went to Memorialize our younger days at the Mitchell Brothers in S. F. Well Phoenix isn't the same but we still had an OK time. Then Adrianne's friend, came over with her kids to swim. 6 foot tall and slim, 25 years old, too young for me, but a definate "Hit" on my "type" scale, flirted with me enough to arouse my senses. OH, to just kiss a butterfly tattoo and suck a pierced belly button!
Life is good! Too much fine wine, 8 bottles at last count, steaks to die for with monster shrimp on the barbie, what else could life provide except a yes answer to "Hey there Girl, Want a cookie?" Oh well, there's time enough! I have to go now, the hot tub beckons again, the swim clothes are thin, and skin contact feels so good! My limit for drink is 8:30 And it's drawIng near.... Can't miss the super Cab that's pouring next! I wish you were all here to enjoy it with me.... Hey little lady, want a cookie?

Curiouoso* With lots of cookies! Lets make a win win trade!


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