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2009-06-12 - 6:07 a.m.

OK,It's been awhile, but now that the computer is nearly back together I will update regularly.

I second everything Miss Rosie wrote except the getting up early part. Hey, times awasting, it's 6:09 now and I've been up 2 hours plus already. I might go back to work this week and then we will find out what early is!

She treated us far better than we deserve so the next time I go there I hope we can upgrade parts of her computer so she can post easier. I also went out and spent $350. on a complete Cowboy wardrobe including boots, shirt,bolo, belt w/buckle and all the other facets of a well dressed dude. Now I can go strolling with the lady "in period"!

I sold the car and won a few hundred at the local casino so I was feeling flush till yesterday. (Don't ask!)

I tried the outfit out in Prescott Saturday and seemed to get some attention, so I think it works. I also think I am even more handsome in it than normal. How will I be able to stand myself?

That's All Folks, The Sunburnt Kid


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