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2008-08-03 - 2:51 p.m.

The weekend's here and nearly gone.... For some of you, the weekend is nirvana incarnate, some perhaps, an interruption from the most important world of work.

For me, the weekend could go either way, Hell or Happiness, or maybe both & something in between.

Right now Amy is on a tear...she told me in the car, as if it excuses some behavior, "Your mother is saying how you are the laziest person she's seen in a long time. She says you should be out pulling weeds in the backyard! And I've been telling you to fix the water purifier for a week every day and she says you should have done it by now."

"Well isn't that the problem, my dear, You've been TELLING me to do that all week. You know I messed with it twice last week and don't know what else to try, BUT you've been TELLING me day in and day out to fix it. How many years ago did you figure out I don't do anything I'm TOLD to do, EVER, or have you forgotton? And my dear mother, isn't in charge of jack AROUND HERE so why are you bringing up the back yard? I'll do what I want to do when I want to, and that time gets more distant everytime you bitch about it!"

Yesterday was better, though Amy decided she wasn't going to the zoo because it was too hot. "Grandma" went, so did the Rat's ex's girls. N had her 13th birthday and L who will be 12 soon, went too. Mom had a good time with them as she hasn't had any litle girls to "grandmother" for a while. I think she still wishes she'd have had a daughter instead of 4 boys, but at least she had 4 granddaughters.

The zoo was really nice, though it was pretty hot yesterday, 108, and there wasn't big crowds. We took it easy hanging out under misters, until I got suckered into paddling the girls one at a time around the lake. 2 15 minute boat rides killed me as there isn't any shade in the middle of the lake and the pedels were too small for me causing my feet to hit the bottom every revolution. We still have half the zoo to see next time, and I highly reccomend it.

I almost called up my local d-land friend to see if she wanted to go or her son, MO, but then I thought, "She has never even met me so why would she want to go or let her son go?" Besides "Grandma" might be real difficult about that, wondering who this woman is. (brings to mind Bill Withers, "Who is (s)he and what is (s)he to you.")

I called her anyway from the center of the lake, just to say Hi. It seems she's getting better but slowly, after all nearly a decade doesn't disappear in an instant.

Last night Amy and I were sitting around tasting a new wine I got from California in the mail. Some how she tipped her glass on the table and dropped it. She was pretty upset, but I just said, "It's a good thing we broke it, not any of our friends cause they would feel real bad, and it's only a glass so forget it. She didn't feel much better but there's no sense being upset, It wasn't like we were all fucked up and careless or some thing.

Just that morning I found a crack in another of those glasses so now we have only 4 of the Galway Crystal left. They were the glasses we jokingly told some friends there would be an $80.00 deposit each if we used them outside!

Well, not so bad, I found them online for $145.00 delivered. It's a good thing it wasn't the waterford crystal!

for some stupid reason this stuff is important to us. Maybe it's because the crystal is one of the few things that are real nice that we have. Here's one of the nicest pieces we have.

As usuaul there's a story here, but this is too long today anyway.

Curiouoso just wants some love and attention from someone who isn't obligated to to be nice, just chooses to be. PPS, For the third time in 2 minutes, Mom came bye and said Dinner is ready. I know, I know I yelled back! I just explained 3 times I'd be in in a minute, but It's like no one listens, I need to be present for these formal dinners we've been having every night. Why and who said I wanted formal "let's all eat together right now" dinners suddenly??!! I'll be there when I get there!


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