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2004-11-22 - 10:05 a.m.

This weekend Ryan & I went on another dam road trip. Frankly, I've had enough driving lately even if it was to Las Vegas via Hoover Dam. ( The Dam trip ) Of course we saw a lot of dam junkies too. Lots of dam pictures make for dam junkies....OK enough of lousey puns.

We went to pick up my nephew for thanksgiving. It was too far for one weekend driving as I'm temporarily broke so couldn't actually do much there.

It was nice to see my aunt and uncle in Henderson, NV.

I had forgotton the sights and sounds of 3 20-something's bachelor pad. Not a pretty sight - I could have done without that particular memory!

You know the fragrence of a dusty pungent burning scent at 6AM wafting through the air; a "private" bedroom of one occupant that "leaked" loud discordant "music" all night; the bathroom that could have been mistaken for the field behind the house it was so dirty; No dirty dishes, mostly because there wasn't any dishes, on and on the list continues.

The way back was tiring as we ran into a snow storm in the high desert. This was unusual there, enough so that Arizona drivers acted brain dead in it. I got a clue quick when the car was sqirrely at 50mph changing lanes on the freeway, but large numbers of people didn't, causing at least 3 spinouts and off road trips in one mile. No one was hurt apparently, but you'd think they'd get a clue.

Hopefully that will help our water situation in AZ.


Some people are inordinately shy at urinals. i was at one full legnth one and a guy came in next to me. He was so "private" he leaned way forward and almost fell in. It's not like someone would look over and say "That doctor cut you a bit short, huh?" or "Damn do women complain that monster hurts them?"

It is kind of embarrasing though when you are standing there whizzing away and when done, suddenly get the urge to dump too, so you zip up then dash to the nearest stall. Must look odd to someone waiting for the urinal.


Lovely Latina left a note about the Nevada career, but I personally wouldn't reccomend it. I'm not a prude, have visited some of thoses "houses" in the past, so it's not a moral/ethical thing, it's just that women starting in that line of work seem to change rather rapidly. They get a hard veneer to thier personality.
I think it has to do with the personal nature of the "work". I have known people who got in then out of that work, but it seems to take a long time to "recover" thier same personality if they do at all. It's different than just having lots of sex, as that is a choice, whereas when working, the desire to make the money can override the "choice" factor. A Madam friend of mine told me, "We don't have to, if a girl doesn't want to," but they wouldn't stay employed for long if No, became a regular choice. In a similar way, there is that "stripper mentality". One once said to me," Aren't you going to give me a bigger tip? Do you think I enjoy men touching me and sucking my tit?" I thought, Honey, you are in the wrong business if you constantly do things you don't like for 2 bucks.


My Microsoft Office quit again and gave me a message saying the system has changed and office needs to be reregestered again. I'm so tired of doing that for XP and now Office. I paid for these and I resent Microsoft regestering crap every time I do anything with the system. All I did this time was "bridge" 2 network cards to set off the reregister thing.

Reregistering my displeasure, Curiouoso*


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