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2008-06-18 - 5:50 p.m.

I did a personal best today.

I was relating my weight lifting story to a friend at work today when he said "Yeah 600 lbs. sounds about right for leg press. We did that all the time in high school." Wait a damn minute there buddy, High School???? You're about 40 now, so about 16 or 17 years ago?

That got me to thinking....Too much of that can be dangerous, you know....

Then the Rat Ryan came home and said, "I saw this big Mexican guy down there the other day and he was leg pressing about 800 lbs."


I did cardio for a while then walked over to the leg press machine ans slapped a couple of 100 pounders on there. I'm telling you the first one of those I bent over and picked up seemed really heavy. I quickly found out that I coundn't/didn't want to do 240 lbs. with 1 leg, so I did 10 with both legs. then I loaded up another 279 lbs. on the machine. I asked the Rat to come spot it for me. I did 5 of those and then asked for another 70 lbs. I did a few more, but when Art said another 90? I begged off. At 580 lbs my arch started ton feel like it was coming apart. So 580 lbs. is a personal best. I never was into weight lifting, I may have been able to do that 19 years ago, But I certainly can now at 57, and I'm going for 700 lbs. in a few weeks. I just don't want to shred my newly healed ankle to pieces just yet.

I've lost 12 lbs this week on my "Flat Belly Diet, and now it gets serious. So far I haven't felt hungry nor have I cheated much. Amy hasn't done quite as well but she still lost another 3 1/2 lbs. last week.

I got paid today and since we seem to be broke in cash flow, It's time to stock up on next weeks diet food. I've been doing pretty well in Amy's 401K account that I trade with, Making $5800. Monday last, $800 once this week and twice last, $1500 a couple times and losing once for $1700. All in all not bad. Maybe We'll get another month of retirement someday before we starve!

Pebbles at work said, "Are you happy today? It's hump day!"

I replied,"Not really, Hump Day but no one's been offering, so it's all the same to me!"

Curiouoso* feeling like braggadocio is coming on!


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