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2005-02-27 - 5:46 p.m.

Yesterdays failed entry.....These thoughts may not be too developed so....

Men look at women as a pursuit and a prize. Women treat men like an aquisition and a fixer-upper.

If told I'm a fixer-upper, I'd just explain I'm like an old house, already restored to the max. If you want everything new and your way, build your own or get a new one.

Unfortunately many young girls with the rejected, nobody loves me syndrome do just that. I'm going to have a baby, He'll always love and need me. He'll always be mine. Not too mature or smart.

My friend Johan has an 18 month old. He is trying to be the best father and gives his son lots of love, hugs and kisses. Last time I saw them, he was attempting a hug and kiss. His son wasn't having any part of it. I said, "Better get used to it. He has a mind of his own now, and it's not going to get any better! (Terrible two's anyone?)

Why can't people mind thier own business instead of trying out for the biggest asshole contest? Remember I couldn't get into the mine the other day? The grossly obese bitch that was behind that was just doing her job right? And I did my best to expediantly fix the paperwork problem. I thought it was all OK after that....but NO, I worked on the head of security's computer Friday, only to have him query me if I was the guy who didn't have MSHAW papers. He was nice, but the upshot is that bitch reported us as some kind of security violation.

She had a nonworking printer Friday afternoon that I got assigned to. I made it work all right, but suddenly it squeals like a stuck pig when it prints. I explained I couldn't fix right then and I'd try to come back in a week or two -if- I could get in the mine! I'd say the squealing reminds me alot of her.

Curiouoso* isn't claiming he gets even for stuff, but what goes around comes around, right?

BTW, Preview pane and message preview in Outlook is not a good idea, especially if a tech needs to come work on your computer. Most techs, including me, have absolutely no interest in your email. However, I read a paragraph or even a page at a time, at a glance, like a speedreader. Theres no way not to see the contents if its displayed, not to mention those people who purposely stand behind you reading. The contents of a pretty, married woman's email could have easily become a homewrecker if the wrong person had read it.

Just a word to the wise from (in this case) a decidedly non-Curiouoso* dude.

Saving curiouosity for curiouos thigs, Curiouoso*


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