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2005-03-09 - 12:26 p.m.

Another crappy day. One of the three contractors is hispanic, a guy I generally like and get along with. We run tickets together often and get them done right.

However my housemate whines every day about the crap Ortiz pulls, especially in front of customers. I'm always saying, "LET IT SLIDE YOU'RE JUST TO SERIOUS ABOUT IT".

Meawhile I 've been getting the same thing constantly. Mostly I don't care, I just give it back, it's like dealing with a hyena, show fear or dismay and they'll tear you to shreds (or you have to tear him to shreds). Well Today he started ordering me around calling me "Dick" constantly, or Standing behind me saying hurry up Junior, in front of clients. Just the East L.A. Bullshit all day.

Finally I told him to stop. He starts in some more so I said, Your not my manager. He started again so I said "Shut Up! This is not a conversation. You are not my manager!"
He jumped up behind the desk and started with the you talking to me stuff. I started walking away, really pissed. "He said come back here where are you going?" I said I'm leaving or I'm going to kick your ass right now! and kept walking. If it wouldn't have been at work I'd have tore him limb from limb. I reported it to my manager who said that'a just the way he is. I"m 53, I don't need any 25 yr old east L.A. wannabee gangsta giving me shit!

Todd, the roomate, immediately wimps out and says I'm not having a problem with him anymore. Fuck that, you gutless wonder! Thanks for being my friend and sticking up for yourself!

As you can see I'm still pissed! Now I'm waiting to see what the outcome is..... Oh well.



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