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2009-01-23 - 10:07 p.m.

Finally an update.

Good news and bad news....

First, Amy & I drove to California last weekend to drop her the Kia and all her clothes off unceremoniously at my daughters.

We did have some fun, at my mothers place where we spent the night, At Arturo's new house where we drank some wine and talked shite for hours,and at Donna's and Bill's where we Bs'd half the night away, like we haven't for a long time.

One of the best times last weekend was the visit to BoXx's place. She invited us to dinner (actually I think I invited myself,but she was kind enough to agree to feed us), and her husband D. cooked Irish red potatoes and tri-tip among other dishes,for dinner. They even had a bottle of wine for us though they don't Drink.

L. was exactly like her diary, which of course means a caring wonderful woman. D was great, though he probably wondered about who we were, etc.etc.

Her daughter was very nice and truly a beautiful young woman, her husband being Irish, was a great guy. He could have been one of our Irish relatives straight from Kinvara, he looked so Irish. The baby was, well, a baby, and BoXx was a happy grandma. We couldn't have had a nicer, more "just like home" feeling.

Hpefuly Amy and L will visit often as they seem really compatible, and Amy has emailed me a number of times to say she's lonely (misses me) already.

I emailed her and admitted I missed her too, especially in the afternoons when it seems so boring around here. After all Rosie, the princess doggie, never answers back when I talk to her.

Now, the bad news....My new diet consisting of eating better was off to a decent start with me being down near 5 pounds this last week, but I blew it tonight, drinking one of the special bottles of wine that I ordered while in California. Then, getting munchy, I ate guacamole with chips, Really rich ice Cream, cashews, but restrained myself from the "super Blast of Butter" popcorn.

There goes that week of being sane while eating.

The Rat Ryan is off camping all weekend so here I sit on the computer, having watched 2 (two) complete rental movies and talked incessantly to the dog.

I guess the ruined diet isn't terminal (yet), but I've already made an appointment with he Mayo Clinic to discuss Bariatric surgery. Hey if nothing else works, just cut something away and hope it fixes things. That's probably a classier or wealthier way to express the same frustration as teenage girls do with thier "Cutting".

My second wife was a classic psychotic woman, having 3 surgeries on her stomach by the age of 32, each time cutting a bit more of her entrails away in response to her psychosis. Unfortunately these things tend to get worse over time, each successive surgery fixing her mental problems for a shorter time than the last one.

There's a fair to middling chance that in 3 months all the contractors will be laid off at my job. What does that mean? God only knows and he ain't telling!

Curiouoso* saying "Over & out, time for beddy bye"


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