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2005-09-15 - 5:50 p.m.

Todays rant:

What part of H.O.V. lane don't you understand?

It doesn't mean "Late for work, gotta drive 90". Nor just because you weigh 450 lbs. and drive a suburban does that qualify you as more than one person. Even Multiple personality disordered folks do not qualify!

A word to the wise, My bike and I together are 1100 pounds of Meaness and Iron.

Hitting me is like hitting a moose, and you know how bad they mess up automobiles. In fact, Choose the moose, cause they only mess up the car, but after I get up, I'll mess up you too!


Car clubs on outings. Everyone has seen Mustang clubs or Corvette clubs on a run and they are enjoying themselves to no end. They usually drive like they care about thier vehicles too. I'd really like to see a Studebaker Avanti club. Now that's a car you don't see much anymore. Maybe there's not enough of them to have a club and drive around together.

Another joyus sight, Dykes on Bikes. What's not to love about 1000 happy, nude or semi nude women parading down the streets of San Francisco on motorcycles? I bet they have some great Parties after that! I know, I know, I'll never find out!

I generally get along well with gay women. I only wish 'Bull Dykes" (I don't mean to be offensive here, it's just ignorance) Didn't usually want to beat the crap out of men (read me). I'm specifically referring to you, Esther, Make that Echss-STER,built like a fire plug with the "I love Mom" in a heart tatto on her upperarm. I don't think it was a "Pen" tatto, but she was a truck driver, a very surley truck driver. Enough of that, I was always friendly to her anyway.

A bachelor friend of mine once said, "Thank God for divorce, It's the only way I ever get laid!" I guess there's some good in everything??

My latest banners resulted in almost 700 page views in a week, with over 300 unique hosts! Too bad I didn't have any real clever thoughts those days. Actually I did, but forgot them before I could write them, resulting in drivel like this.....Now I'm back down to 10 or less readers a day. Oh well!

My wish is that Dland would get spellcheckers for the entry and notes pages.
My "typing" just doesn't cut it anymore.

Or maybe one of my lovely readers would like to come sit on my lap and take dictation??
Now that's a fantasy!

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