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2008-01-23 - 4:19 p.m.

I had a nightmare computer this morning. I would have just taken it and reimaged it, but this particular group has many specialized programs on their computers and it would have taken all day, besides those users hate reimaging because they claim nothing ever works the same afterwards. (Thank God for that...It's the point right? to make things work correctly - "not the same").

I have a couple users there that are using some DOS programs from like 1997 because A: they need a program like that and it's the only game in town
and B: They are too mad at the vendor to upgrade to a recent version because they helped the vendor write the program and the vendor told them to
F. off and pay full retail when it came out.

10 years later and I'm supposed to make it work like new again!

I think I need a drink...and some good drugs too.

Like I would feel good about that when I wake up for work tomorrow at 3:45.

Curiouoso* thinks he will just skip it and zone out in fromt of the tube....


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