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2006-08-09 - 6:43 p.m.

Happy Midweek to ya! Hopefully this week is going well and finds you all cheerfull and pleased with life.

Things are OK around here but of course I have a litany of complaints about things that should be better, as usual. Mind you, my complaints are not always things that make me mad or ruin my day, often they are just questions like "Does this person have a brain?" or "How can someone be so stupid or inconsiderate?" Which brings us to today's inconsiderate fuck-up, or "I'm just clueless" moment.

I was looking for a parking spot at the local market when I saw a car in front of me slow down for a spot. The passenger jumped out and began to remove some shopping carts from an empty spot. The driver was going to pull in and park there when He (she?) saw a parking spot directly opposite come open. So the driver pulled into that spot, leaving the first spot open for me, who was waiting directly behind him. The person who was moving the carts however, saw the driver park in the other spot so, while aware I was planning on taking that spot, Just abandoned the idea of moving the carts, and left them right in the middle of the spot and walked away. Thankyou, Fuckhead, Now I have to leave my car in the middle of the aisle and get out and move the carts. Like you couldn't be bothered to continue to move them to the side so I could park! Fucking Dickweed!

A pox on her house! Lassa, bird flu or even the Arizona standby fatal illness, Hantavirus (HPS), will do just fine.

So, as you know, my Fiero air conditioning went out 2 weeks ago. I got fed up with it last week, and after finding someone who loves Fieros and wanted one like mine, I decided to sell it and buy a new car this weekend.
Good gas milage, a cheap price and a long warranty convinced me to buy a 2006 Kia Optima. I saw an ad with a "loss leader" vehicle advertised for $12,400. so I got there first and bought it. They have a list of $18K, and the Kelley Blue Book says a used one with no miles retails for $16K. So I think I got a decent deal. Mine was new and comes with all the usual stuff, air cond, automatic, pwr windows and locks, etc.

That brings up Amy, the car killer! Her Saturn was in the shop Sat. till Tuesday afternoon for electronic chip problems, the second time in 2 weeks. We got it back tonight and hope it's finally right.

My tree blew over 2 weeks ago, so I finally got around to righting it again, this time with 5 guy wires! Take that, you bastard monsoon weather! Amy swears if it falls again she's going to take the chain saw to it!

I'm working with a different person now, as Mr. Vanilla got a real job there and went to the network team. I was happy for him, but his replacement, though a "nice" person, can be a real "piece of work" in this job. We'll call him Michelin Man (This Guy's got nothing on M-Man!) cause that or Pillsbury Doughboy is what he looks like. So M-Man doesn't like to leave his desk so he tries to get the client to do many tasks over the phone for him. He also doesn't want to go to offsite problems or do printers. So I drive to our offsite locations and do all the printers. Actually do most everything that takes breaking a sweat or moving from your chair!

Well at least I'll look like a saint in comparison! Note to self: keep a stock of valium handy for when Michelin/Doughboy gets out of hand.

Curiouoso* says another chill pill please, and be quick about it!


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