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2009-07-14 - 10:16 a.m.

Dear readers and friends (If I may be so bold as to call you that),

This diary may come to an end soon. I'm finding it harder and harder to get up the physical desire to actually write down the things I want to.

With the situation of Amy in California, and me here, I'm finding myself regularly depressed, at times even despondent.

Without a job, No money, and increasing anxiety about losing the house and other bills, I just don't get up enough energy to do much.

All my "vices" seem to be wanting to expand at an increasing pace. I don't do drugs so that's good, but other bad habits seem to expand exponentially in times of depression. I'm not stumbling around here drunk like a crazy man, but I do think I'm starting to enjoy evening drinks too much. I haven't been drinking any wine now, so that may signify a change from social drinking to unhealthy habits.

The last entry was supposed to be about many things that have been going on, but the first part got lost, so it came out different than I intended.
Some of these incidents are these:

Some wannabe gang member tagged my new car last week. A nieghbor saw the guy tagging the street light across the street just before I got home from shopping. I called 911 and explained what happened then informed them if I found him first, they need not even respond because I was going to hunt him down and kill him. When told this line is recorded, you know that right?, I responded all the more reason to find him first! I left to search the nieghborhood but didn't see the car or the suspect, but I saw a lot of police!

Then some 18-20 yr old girls started calling on the cellphone saying they were going to break in and kill my dog. WRONG! I'm getting some info on them and thier address's so who knows...In the meantime when I heard that threat, I proceeded to suggest some pretty ugly things that would happen if they came near my house or dog. That seems to have stopped them cold. Now I just need to find the tagger NS 43 NA. That's North Side 43rd ave (North Avendale?). I have an ex-gang member helping, and I'm almost hoping to catch and fuck up one of them good. What a great stress reliever that would be!

I always say old age, experience and treachery will always best youth, ignorance and inexperience.

It's almost lunchtime but I don't feel like eating so I think I'll just go back to bed.

Curiouoso* not feeling curious or much of any thing these days.....


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