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2007-06-20 - 4:34 p.m.

Hump day, such a disappointment when all it means is half way thru the week. Actually that's kind of good in our office where there is exactly two (make that 1 real and one novice woman)
women and 17 + men! Sort of takes the Roman orgy fantasys right away, real fast! The one "Novice woman" is our summer intern. She is 18, maybe, and just graduated high school. She has the personality to deal with the guys, most of whom are gone all day, but not the finesse to work it in an office environment yet. So I thought I'd write this:

Why Summer Interns DON'T make the Big Bucks!

1. While smart enough to learn thier job easily enough, the tendency to forget that this isn't High School anymore takes some adjustments.

2. Coming in at 7:30 for a quarterly rewards breakfast, instead of your normal 8:30, does not qualify you for two hours overtime!

3. Dressing for success doesn't mean wearing low cut blouses that show off all your additional piecings. Too much of that makes you a walking advertisement for cradle robbing!

4. Hearing you on the phone plotting how to get away for the weekend with some of your friends that your Dad doesn't care for, in spite of his forbiding it, might be unwise in a place where a large percentage of the guys have worked with or around your Dad for many years.

5. After all, how do you think you became an intern here? There were probably some college girls, older, wiser and more experienced that applied....(Hint: Your Dad worked here many years)

6. When the manager says,"I really don't care about that." He usually means, He REALLY DOESN'T care about that!

7. It's probably not a good idea to print up 500 flyers to "Joe's Surprise Party", Bring your own booze, etc., and plenty of it! on the color office copier, then revise said flyer twice more @ 500 or so copies a pop, with a different address, because someone's parents decided to stay home that night.

8. Only Mabel, You, and maybe her parents, are the only ones who care about the details of why she's "late" and who's why at work?

Actually she's a typical teenager, not a bad worker, and probably will be a fine person and employee once she figures out corporate life. BTW, niether of my female co-workers could ever star in my fantasys, so please don't get the wrong idea here.....I'm definately at the wrong site for hot fantasy co-workers.

At my first Phoenix contract, a fellow tech introduced me to a woman client who was a stripper at night, but he warned me she had poor taste in men. (Must be her poor taste and my failure to throw money at her that caused her to treat me like I had leprosy) No fantasy there either!


I've been thinking about this medical thing and maybe it's not so bad really.
Mayo only has one test so there isn't anything to compare against. I may have been like that since the stroke and it hasn't gotten any worse. The Chelation doctor said not to worry cause his treatments would nip it in the bud. Besides, I'm not quite ready to kick the bucket just yet over a common ordinary run of the mill medical diagnosis. I've always had a Champaign taste on a beer budget so I want some exotic disease like "onchocerciasis". River disease, while a pretty messy and ugly way to go, at least has the symptom / Benefit of Elephantiasis to migitate the suffering. Then I can go out with a "Porn Star" reputation!

Micropsia, or "Alice in Wonderland" syndrome, causes your perception to subjectively change the percieved size of objects around you. Actually I already did this one on an Acid Trip many years ago. I spent quite some time entranced by an anthill and the monsterous looking super-sized ants industriously looking for a human to carry away and consume! Not my cup of tea.

Enough of this....I'll probably go by way of "Carpal Dland-Brain Syndrome", or repetitively trying to write diarys that satisy the writer and keep readers enthralled. Usually fatal from trying too hard....

Curiouoso* carpeling his dland-brain while simultaneously fantasizing about utilizing his Elephantiasis at the playboy mansion.....


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