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2005-02-19 - 9:34 p.m.

A Staurday at home. Get up at 9:00AM, lazy begger! No breakfast or coffee I'm getting a life insurance blood test today. Time drags by and I'm getting hungry and antsey to get on with it. 11:30 she shows up and starts checking away. 122 0ver 70, very good, still 6' 1 as expected, no shrinkage there. 10 lbs less than I expected! Not accurate? No problem! I'll go with that number. Blood taken now pee in a bottle....wait, I didn't expect that, I'm dry as a bone, been there done that so to speak. 20 mins and 2 litres of water later, just enough.

Now off to errands. 3:45 rolls around and I'm at Walmart. Did I ever tell you I hated Walmart and all big stores? Too many pushy people, people that intuitively know where you are going and get in your way. Push, bump, bitch, shove, I hate to shop. Finally I'm in line with my 1 purchase, ahead of me an obese (I'm talking BIG) woman and her cart, complete with little bastard in it sitting on her items. Honey won't you please move? NO. Please? No. Let the lady have the stuff. NO.

Remember that 2 litres of water? I do and things are looking grim. First one leg then move to the other. Now cross them tight.

Please let the lady have them. No.

Excuse me, would you like me to get your kid off your stuff? I gaurentee you won't have this problem again! Killer mean look at little Bastard. Kid knows death when he sees it coming, gets off stuff quick. It's raining outside, soon to be raining right here if the checker doesn't get to checking. Fat lady gives hard look.
She is just asking to be peed on.

Finally go home and run for the bathroom. I make it but Midnite the dog doesn't. He pees all over Adrian's room. Yell loud "Honey, your dog just peed all over Adrian's room!" Leave quick for another errand.

This week there's actually money in our account. Wifey doesn't dare spend a penny after last weeks terrorizing. So lets go spend some, then pay more bills. OK, thats 2 more paychecks worth of money spent. Isn't life grand? I can actually eat this week!

Dreams.... I have them, do you?

Do you dream randomly or do you go to bed consciously expecting to actively dream about a particular subject or problem? I often do directed dreaming, but regardless, most of my dreams, realistic or not, can usually be related to some particular experiance I'm thinking about. Let's hope it's not water related tonight! I think there are a number of different types of dreams. Directed dreaming, actual event "dreams" like astral projection, perhaps dreams created by others that you become part of,(group dreaming?) and then the random type that perhaps doesn't seem to make sense. You can probably think of more but that's a start.

In the "random" catagory, I seem to be in the same places often, waking up I recall dreaming those places before. I often feel that I'm working out things in dreams that I experiance in waking life. There are times I think that perhaps the dream life is the real life and the waking times are just to validate the sonambolant life. I can't astral project at will, but have had a few "dreams" in which the events that took place were unknowable to my awake self, but proved correct as in the dream, at a later date.

Do you dream in color, or with smells or other senses? I definately have dreams that can include taste or color. In fact I'd say they are real enough that one doesn't pay attention to the colors etc. For example I see in color all day every day, but because that is the norm, one doesn't usually stop and think, "Wow I'm seeing in color!" The same with the dream state for me.

That's it for now, I decided not to bore you with recitations of my latest dreams. They certainly wouldn't have the same impact on you if you weren't dreaming right along with me. If you think you could, I'm up to giving it a try.... Let me know what time and when and we can see if we can correlate our dreams. Since I'm a creature of habit, If you live in a different country, you'll have to sleep on Arizona time, but to share a dream with might be worth a midday nap!

Curiouoso*, getting a little too curious for normality (again!)


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