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2008-05-26 - 1:04 p.m.

It started out Hot here last week. Monday was 110. Then weds. was a high of 68 and a low of 51! Today it's 75 right now and time for a motorcycle ride. This may be the last decent (read cool enough)weekend to ride for 6 months!

As I look around my office I see how nice and clean it is and has stayed for 4 weeks. I realize I can't find half the things I need because they are "filed away". Behind the bookcase I can see a unique collection of envelopes that were sent to Richard Nixon's various campaign headquarters from foriegn countries in 1968. I bought it for $5.00 at a garage sale and the glass broke when we moved here, so it has resided there on the floor half behind the bookcase ever since. I didn't even like Nixon, but somehow it seems worth saving for historical value.

I've got my "Company F 10th Infantry, foriegn service Cuba & Porto Rico" poster from Cuba, May 1900, on the wall to my right, with my Great Grandfather's name on it. On my left, hangs his marriage certificate to my Great Grandmother dated the 25th 0f October 1903. Behind me hangs a Jimmy Buffett poster from April 18th 2006.
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Last night there was another graduation party where I knew no one but it was OK. Amy's friend down the street's grandson graduated high school, so we went to thier house. The daughter is built just like her mother, and the grad's sister like her mother. Like as I've heard, "a Brick S**thouse". I prefer (Another edit neccessary,cause I don't "prefer the women" but the description,") "wizard of ID women", Short with jutting oversized breasts. The 16 yr old was certainly trying to be the life of the party and her mother was trying to be also. Every time she came over to talk to me it was like that song says, "I can see for miles and miles and miles". It's a little scary to think Amy's friend who is in her mid-sixtys, most likely acted just the same not long ago! Actually, it's a little more than scary to think I loved every moment of it, especially the comparing and showing of tatoos. OK, maybe I'm a sick F**k, (Let's qualify this on reviewing this entry, It was the 16 yr old's mother I was checking out not the jail bait!) but "I yam what I yam", as Popeye always proclaimed!

I had a strange dream about a double blind date last night, where the woman I was with seemed to be getting along well with me until suddenly she left with someone else saying, "He is a paramedic, like me, and we really relate to each other." I was perplexed, but my daughter, (where did she come from?) said, "Get real dad, that was real mismatch from the beginning, you're just kidding yourself!"

Maybe it was the woman last night who is just divorcing over years of alcoholic beatings from hubby, or maybe this dream was reminding me of someone else I'm thinking of. At any rate, I haven't been daydreaming of any major moves on or with anyone lately, so maybe any thought of such would just be kidding myself!

I'd like to think there's someone who might want me as a lover/friend, even though it's unlikely I'd try to make that happen as I'm (1.) too lazy and (2.) what's the point?

I don't even remember the rest of my dreams last night, but it's just as well probably.

Curiouoso, going for a ride then a swim in the pool he worked on 5 hours yesterday. It looks so clean and blue you could drink out of it....
OK, After those edits am I at least minimally socially acceptable?


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