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2005-12-27 - 8:12 p.m.

Not another one of those wierd dream posts!

I dreamt that I was in a room where I saw a woman softly crying, sitting on a couch. I went over and sat next to her and asked her what was wrong. I gave her a big hug which she reciprocated. Somehow my hand on her thigh slipped down and around to her inside thigh where it slipped up until... Well you get the point. Everything seemed very natural and OK. I wrote her phone number down and made plans to meet up later. Then a Doctor came in and said that was another doctor's wife and they were splitting up but he was insanely crazy so watch out. The dream went on and on with various adventures where I never did meet up with her again.

However, on waking, I remembered the Husband Doctor's name, and the wife.

I immediately decided to look them up on the net to see if they existed, but leaving it till later that day, forgot the names.

The question is, If you had this very fine dream, looked them up and found out they existed not too far away, do you make plans to avoid them like poisen oak, or try to "run across" them innocently (!) in real life with a hope of seeing what transpires?

Your answer reveals how twisted you really are. Tell me in a note, It'll be our little secret (along with anyone else who reads). My answer? after you....but what will be will be, Right?

Mr. Que sera,sera, Curiouoso*

P.S. I only get Poisen Oak these days when I'm doing something in the woods that mighten not be too smart!


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