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2005-04-01 - 7:33 p.m.

Hey I'm done! The contract is over! I'm kinda sorry. They had a goodbye party for us with hamburgers, drinks, more food etc. Then everyone met at the bar for bunches of drinks etc. I actually won a game of pool!

I'm going back home tomorrow, sat. morning, for the last time. I won't miss that commute!

I will miss the longgggg hottttt showers.

Marjan, a real quiet guy, had the best line of the day. Ortiz, aka fuckhead, actually showed up the last two days this week. Of course while going by his room, in the course of my duties, I noticed the company truck parked outside. My curiosity piqued, ( I am Curiouoso*!) I cruised by over three hours while that truck never moved! He was sleeping on company time!

anyway, Marjan went to take a picture, and dickhead wouldn't get in it. Marjan said OK, you're never here anyway!

Diedre the boss showed up at the bar and had some Margaritas with us which was cool.

Drunk off curiouoso's ass tonight, he prepares for the long trip home in the morning!


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