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2009-04-18 - 10:14 a.m.

I'm back. I hope everyone had a nice easter holiday. Console yourself if you didn't, that it couldn't be worse than mine.

Amy wanted me to drive out to Mom's house for Easter because she had 4 days off. Me without a job and plenty of time decided to go. i left on tuesday morning and decided to see everything I've been missing. First stop, the Patton Museum. So many times we've driven by there and it's always "We need to get home" or "I want to hurry up and see everyone, lets stop some other time." Finally I stopped and visited. It was OK, but not the best or worst museum I 've ever seen. Worth it yes, but if in a hurry, I'd skip it next time. Next stop was the Colorado river Desert Intaglios. That was pretty cool as no one knew they were there until the 1930's. They are difficult to find from the ground, but easy to spot from the air. Why create something only recognizable from the air when there wasn't any any planes or way to see it?
Some think they are 40,000 years old while others believe they were made much more recently.

The final stop that day was at the Galleano winery in Mira Loma, CA. Quite a full day but satisfying to see things I've missed before and go where and when I wanted.

Wednesday I finished the drive to Lodi and saw Mom.

Thursday evening Amy came out and we had a nice evening.

Friday We went wine tasting in the hills and gambling at the Indian reservation.

Thereafter the weekend went to Hell.
To be Continued.


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