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2006-04-19 - 5:19 p.m.

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So at least someone thinks I'm interesting. So yesterday I went to see Jimmy Buffett in his first Party at the end of the world tour. Phoenix was the kickoff, and as usual the show was great. I've been to about 6 of his concerts, but missed out on about the last 15 years worth. Each one was memorable and a great time in it's own way.

I got some real good seats about 6 rows from the front on the left side of the stage. It was awesome.

Amy enjoyed herself as well so it was a good time for all. I really got my ego stroked as these 2 mid 30 yr old women were really nice to me, offering to buy me drinks and generally being quite sexy. It started in the Margarita line while chatting with this beautiful dark haired, Italion looking woman. She was comparing Breasts with this "dirty blonde", pale complexioned lady, "are they real or not? "She then proceeded to show one and then when informed I saw it, turned to me and said "well, here's the other one!" Quite nice and real for sure. She was quite sexy and had those "intimate" habits like leaning slightly in towards you and resting her breasts on your arm or back, whatever. Suffice it to say, while some might have considered her sleazy, she carried it off with an intriguing manner instead. The blonde, not to be outdone, asked me, "Is it OK if I flash you MY breasts?" "If it's OK with your boyfriend, and OK with you, I'm all eyes!"

They were also quite a sight. She also managed this "Flash" in a way I've only seen in the style of a "Girls gone wild" video.

As I've mentioned before, I usually look at beautiful women and thier bodies much like fine art in the museum. It's nice to look at but you don't go fondle the paint!

I ran into the dark haired woman twice more last night, culmanating in a big hug and a bit of rubbing cheeks together. There was an unspoken offer of more fun later with another blonde girl later, ( She was partial to Blondes, which I thought made a beautiful contrast when they hugged etc.) but I wasn't up for that as Amy was right there and I was telling all, not trying to be sly.

With a great concert, some unasked for - unexpected heavy flirtation, the night was wonderful and gave me quite a stroke to my ego. Everyone needs an ego-boost occaisonally.

I can't say I fell in love....No, but I sure did fall into a state of pretty hot, if unredeemed, Lust!

Yep, I think I looked 10 years younger and 30% more handsome this morning! (I don't know how I could stand myself!)

I had a ticket to hook up a large monitor to a snaky camera in proctology today when my co-worker said he knew about those. They have little "steering wheel" controls so you can steer right up your colon, etc.
He said, "I was playing around with one of those one day, very interesting". While he surely didn't mean it that way,(I hope!) It sounded like, "We don't need no stinkin' gerbils around here!

With that, Curiouoso* is going to leave you with that Richard Gere - Gerbil image before I really get out of hand!

BTW is a woman asking another "hey are you into Joan Jett? and perhaps naming another "Alternative" singer, some sort of Bi or gay code about hooking up? It was a pretty sultry question and the askee looked a bit confused, especially since the questioner followed that up with,"How old are you anyway,?" then said, "sorry, never mind"? It seemed patently obvious to me, and in a somewhat classy non-offensive manner, but perhaps I'm not naieve enough to take thing at thier face value.....


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