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2008-06-27 - 2:05 p.m.

This is from a note I left Rumblelizard:

I'm glad that worked out for you. people in America just don't understand that other places might have a better system for this or that. The ignorance is partially due to misplaced patriotism or something, but I think it's due to lack of travel & understanding other cultures.

I finally got my Irish citizenship after 2 years, just in case Amy & I want to retire there or just need a place to get away from depotism.

Years ago, I was hitching around Europe, when I got very sick in Ireland. I was going to England on the ferry over super calm waters and was quite ill (Usually I won't even notice in the worst of the Irish sea storms) I asked the couple who gave me a ride afer arriving in England if there was a hospital I could go to and just get something for my stomach. After they dropped me off, I got a complete exam which indicated I had some super virulant Staph infection from the far east. Being extremely contagious, they put me in isolation in a fever hospital outside Cavernon (sp?) for 2 weeks in a private room. Everything was taken care off for me during that time.


Zip, Nada, Zilch! They bid me goodbye and have a nice rest of your vacation, and the doctor dropped me off at the nearest motorway going south.

Apparently I'm doing what they like at work. I got a special award this week of $200. for helping the group over and above the norm. I didn't even realize contractors could get those. I guess it's time to quit slacking and really do something for a change!


I've been working out regularly at the gym, and with my diet, I'm losing a bit of weight even though I'm building muscle. I was feeling a bit cocky with my leg presses until I saw this big Mexican guy put 10 45lb weights on each side of the leg press machine and casually do a set of 10 reps. That's about 950lbs with the sled weight included. I don't think I'll ever get there!


Mr. Nicaragua is going to Spain again tomorrow and bringing back his new daughter and his ladyfriend/fiance.

Everytime I see a big jet go overhead at work I wish I was on it. That's a lot of wishing since we are directly under the flight path of about 1 jet a minute all day. Of course if I magically got onboard, it would be a real short trip cause they are all landing at Sky Harbor a minute later. That's not freedom and getting away!

It wasn't as hot today as it's been. We've had at least 12 or 13 over 100 degree days in a row and it's getting old. At least it's only 103 instead of 115 like last week.

Curiouoso* is leaving you to go jump in the pool stark naked! You don't even want to see that!


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